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Priyanka Chopra: Tom made me twirl on Emmys stage

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra’s twirl on the Emmys red carpet got everyone talking and she reveals it was Hollywood star Tom Hiddleston who made her repeat her ‘move’ when they walked on stage to present an award together.

Priyanka made for a delightful sight as she spun and twirled on the red carpet while showing off her all-red Jason Wu gown.

What surprised everybody was her little twirl on the stage as Hiddleston lent her support.

Talking about it, Priyanka told host Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Tonight Show’, “I walked out with this big train and I did it for the first time cause it’s so pretty and I felt princessy and after I twirled once I was doing it all night!

“All of the photographers were asking me to twirl and then on-stage Tom made me twirl and I was always only twirling. I’m the twirling dancing emoji now!” she joked.


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