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Watch: Shah Rukh Khan was always a superstar. Even in this 1991 short film

When a star is born, it’s light spreads through the entire universe. Maybe this is what happened when Bollywood’s biggest superstar, Shah Rukh Khan was taking his first steps into the world of movies and theatre. Why do we think so? Because we have found another proof for it.

A 1991 short movie, Mahaan Karz, starring SRK was posted on YouTube by a user on September 4 and has gone viral. The movie was an Easter special, preaching the importance of the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ for the sake of humanity. The movie itself doesn’t tell the story of Jesus directly but through a metaphor.

Here, Shah Rukh plays a young ‘kunwar’ who seeks employment at the castle of a great Maharaja. The king, impressed by his wit and charm, agrees to keep him as his treasurer. The young kunwar manages to swiftly get into the good books of the king. However, he falls into the unforgiving clutches of gambling and loses all treasury in a game of chausar with his friends. Overcome by guilt and the fear of losing his life at the hands of the Maharaja, he decides to end his life. What happens next? Watch the video:


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