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The Only Thing I Know About Figure Skating Is That Adam Rippon Was Robbed

The Only Thing I Know About Figure Skating Is That Adam Rippon Was Robbed

The degree of my comprehension of focused skating originates from the Fox Family channel film Ice Angel, in which a male hockey player bites the dust and is resurrected as a figure skater (played by The Nanny’s Nicholle Tom) who must win an Olympic gold award, for reasons unknown. For the most part, this film showed me that sexual orientation was not surely knew in the year 2000, but rather regardless I accept, in view of the exceptionally restricted data I gathered from it about figure skating, that Adam Rippon just got screwed.

On Sunday, Rippon made his Olympic presentation in the figure skating group’s sans male skate. He performed what, to my untrained eyes, had all the earmarks of being an about impeccable schedule, the main imperfection of which was that he did some of it to Coldplay. It was lovely. It was breathtaking. It was stunning. It made Coldplay about tolerable. But then, his execution positioned third. It positioned underneath two individuals who fell. WHAT.

Rippon’s execution scored underneath that of Canadian contender Patrick Chan and that of Russian skater Mikhail Kolyada, despite the fact that both of those fellows fell. The Internet is confounded. Tara Lipinski (who was likewise in Ice Angel, FYI) was additionally puzzled. “I don’t realize what execution the judges were watching,” she said. I actually see none of this, yet I. Am. Outraged. GIVE THIS MAN A GODDAMN MEDAL.

It shows up there is, indeed, a “reason” Rippon was not instantly conveyed onto the ice by little decoration bearing penguins (which is something I accept occurs in focused skating.) According to USA Today’s exceptionally valuable skating explainer site, Rippon scored lower than the two pitiful, messy fallers (JK I am certain they were great, however I don’t know anything!!!!) on the grounds that he didn’t endeavor something many refer to as a “quad,” which is a figure skating bounce with no less than four revolutions.

Olympic judges remunerate skaters who attempt more troublesome moves, regardless of whether they fall flat, and since Chan completed two quads, Kolyada endeavored to complete three, and Rippon completed zero, they were scored in like manner. It’s sort of like how my secondary school direction advocate let me know I’d show signs of improvement school in the event that I did ineffectively in a harder math class than well in a simpler one, however he quickly altered his opinion when I got a C, so. Math is hard.

Anyway, Rippon says he’s still “so pleased” to be on the Olympic group, and the U.S. group got a decent guides help thanks toward Mirai Nagasu’s history-production triple axel, so all is well, I think. Presently please appreciate this trailer for Ice Angel:


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