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Moto and Indiegogo Announce 12 Finalists of Moto Mod Challenge

Lenovo-brand Moto in partnership with Indiegogo has finally declared the finalists for its “Transform the Smartphone Challenge” – which was started in November last year. The Moto-Indiegogo challenge aimed to create new Moto Mods, which poured in over 700 submissions from 55 countries and 30 states. Moto has selected 12 finalists that will be crowdfunded and get a chance to see their own Moto Mod commercials, along with other perks from the company.

In November last year, Moto and Indiegogo came together to throw a challenge for smaller developers to build Moto mods. The winners of the challenge received their Moto Mod Development Kits along with a Moto Z to build and test their prototypes. Now, they are ready to be crowdfunded by Moto on the Indiegogo platform. In early March this year, the 10 grand prize winners out of 12, will stand a chance to visit company’s headquarters in Chicago. They will guided and mentored by people heading Moto Mods unit. Those who succeed in cracking the final stage will receive investment of $1 million (roughly Rs. 6.6 crores) from Lenovo Capital.

The finalists that we are seeing include entities with most of the already-known Moto Mod ideas like a wireless charging mod, IR blaster mod, and Edge – the cool LED-notification wraparound mod that got much publicity recently. Other ideas range from solar chargers to smart home solutions, walkie-talkies and health monitoring devices. To mention, the names of the mod projects are Edge, Smart Z Wallet, Linc Smart Walkie Talkie MotoMod Concept, Mico, InstruMod, Palm Smart Remote, EarMods, Euromod, Digital Recorder, and Modulator.

As we mentioned, the Edge Moto Mod has seen its fair share of publicity already. It is a vibrant mod that covers your Moto Z in a RGB LED band to show notifications from the apps. A few more projects have mushroomed on Indiegogo and they are awaiting backers. You can check them on Indiegogo’s website.


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