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Samsung Working on Two Types of Foldable Phones, With First to Release in 2017: Report

Samsung has reached a point where its curved edge display experiment is no longer an experiment but an integral part of its flagship lineup of smartphones. In fact, the recent smartphones by the South Korean manufacturer have even been appreciated specifically for their curved edge displays. Now, the company is reportedly working on two separate different types of foldable smartphones.

Samsung Electronics is working on a ‘dual-screen’ smartphone that has flat screens on both side as well as a phone with single flexible OLED display, as per a report by Etnews. The company has been tipped to produce a small amount of dual-screen smartphones in 2017 in order to gain user response from the market.

The dual-screen smartphone features two flat displays on each side and even though the panel doesn’t bend itself, there is a hinge between the two displays that allows for the smartphone to have a foldable design. Once completely folded, the displays will be inside, and no longer visible. On the other hand, the other foldable smartphone, which is expected to come after the dual-screen phone, is tipped to sport a panel that itself bends, and will result in a device with a display on both front and back when completely folded. As it will feature a truly foldable display, the phone will understandably require a much advanced hardware.

Notably, Samsung has already given us a glimpse of its ‘in-foldable’ smartphone that sports a foldable display panel inside the smartphone. Quoting an expert from the industry, the report said, “In-foldable Smartphone is seen as a first type of a foldable Smartphone. Out-foldable Smartphone is the next step of in-foldable Smartphone.”

In the out-foldable smartphones, the panels work even at the point where it is bent, Etnews points out. Interestingly, Lenovo showcased its own flexible displays at its Tech World 2016 event earlier this year in June.

Samsung has earlier been tipped to unveil two smartphones with bendable displays at MWC 2017. Some reports have further suggested that the company’s timeline for the launch of its foldable smartphone was impacted by the global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.


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